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Newborn Care Specialist Online Course

This course in Newborn Care covers 0 – 12 weeks of age, consequently, this class is for anyone wanting to be more proactive in the newborn field.  We teach RN, LPN, Nanny, NCS, Doula, or anyone in the child care arena.  Please check our link below for more information on the curriculum.  All our classes are on line.

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 Newborn Care Specialist/Newborn Nanny Online Course

Our most noteworthy class is for the professional Newborn Care Specialist/Nanny.  This class covers birth to 18 months and we include potty training. If you are a Nanny and would like to transition into a Newborn Nanny this course covers more than any other course in the nation.  Please check our Learn More link below.

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Newborn Care Specialist, Nanny, and Sleep Training Contracts

Having a contract is not an option it is a necessity and is especially relevant in this field. We take the hassle out of having a professional ready to use contracts. Three separate and effective contracts personalized for your needs.  Especially relevant, don’t be caught without a contract, it could cost you more than money.

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Why Gentle Venture’s Training?

Gentle Venture’s Training offers extensive on-line classes.  We are approved by the NCSA for certification.  Please check out our curriculum for more class details.  This is a must do for anyone who cares or wants to care for infants 0 – 12 weeks of age (Newborn Care Specialist) or o – 18 months. (Newborn Nanny).  We also offer one-on-one classes for those interested in a more personalized learning experience.

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Check out our curriculum and sign up for a fun and educational online course.  Questions call 602-412-8497


NCS or NCS/NN Course