Continuing Education

These classes are designed to further your education into a variety of subjects.  Some accreditation and certification programs require continuing education.  The classes will state on them the hours of each course so you can evaluate the relevance to your needs.

You will need a password to view the class.  Once you pay for the class, the password will be sent to you.


1.  Vaccinations – Should I or Shouldn’t I? 4 CEU – This class explores the reasons why vaccines for infants are not safe.  If you are pro-vaccine, this class is not for you.  If however you have questioned the whole vaccine process and have questions, this class may answer some questions.  We talk about the chemicals in vaccines and the harm they can and do cause,  a good schedule for vaccinations that would cause the least amount of damage, homeopathic help before, during and after vaccines, what is VEARS and how the government protects doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

This is a 3:40hour class if you watch all videos.  2 hour class if you watch only the power point. This class is $50 for former students of Gentle Blessings and Gentle Ventures. Be sure you have time to listen to the class before you pay for the class. After you pay you will be taken directly to the class.  Should you need additional time for the class, please contact Ms. Hamm



2.  Sleep Deprivation and how it affects the NCS:  1:15 hours – 2 CEU This class walks you through the effects of not getting enough sleep and natural ways to combat that.  All NCSs are sleep deprived due to the overnight work we do.  How does it affect you?  Did you know it can affect your memory, health, sex life, and more.  This class was presented in the Master’s class year one and year three and is still the most requested class.  This class is $50 for former students of Gentle Blessings and Gentle Ventures

Sleep Deprivation


3.   How to Build a Successful Business Step by Step. 2 Hours CEU  I loved doing this class.  We begin right at the beginning with “Is this your passion?” and continue on through how to market, how to build a website, getting your EIN number, securing the name of your business, the importance of trademarking your name,  what sort of business structure is the best for you, finding your target market, establishing your brand, creating a logo,  filing taxes, accounting and more.  This class is $50 for former students of Gentle Blessings and Gentle Ventures

ABC’s of Starting Your Own Business

4.  Formula – The good, bad and the ugly.  This is a 3:16 hour class and can be used for 4 CEU.  We discuss the chemicals used in making formulas, what is organic and is it actually organic, goats milk and it’s properties, what are good formulas to use, how to mix formula, how to make homemade formula, cup, syringe , and tube feedings, bottle feeding a breast fed baby, talk about soy, GMO’s, DHA/ARA and many other things that are added to baby formula.  Students receive a discount.

Formula Continuing Ed