Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best way to receive the information for the class?

All classes are uploaded from ITunes.

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How will I be able to teach a mom how to breastfeed,swaddle or bathe if there are no live demonstrations?

Gentle Ventures has a video blogs that will show you how to do these things. The new video classes have the actual demos or videos of demonstrations on them.

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Updates will be posted on a special link that you will have access to after you sign up for the classes.

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Refund Policy?

Our goal is customer satisfaction. Should you feel the classes are not providing you with the information you expected, please give us a call and we will refund your money. The following conditions apply:
The money will be refunded on a ‘listened to basis’ You will always be charged for the first class once you receive the manual or the welcome letter. If you listen to more than one class you will be charged per each additional class. (using the pay-as-you-go program) You will be expected to return the manual (priority mail) within 7 days of receiving it, in usable condition, with no pages missing or damaged (priority mail). A $50 cancellation and a $15 postage fee (for manual postage) plus an additional $75 fee for every class you have received passwords to will be withheld from the refund.  There is a 15-day return policy on any refund. If you have listened to (or received the password to) the sleep training class a $200 fee will be withheld. In person classes deposit is refundable up to 14 days before the class. If the entire amount was paid up front you will receive 1/2 of your amount back up to 7 days before the class. After that, you may use your monies toward any online class or may transfer it to another in person class.

If you have received a class on a special deal… no refund will be offered. This includes all sales and any agency classes.

If your classes are not working it is NOT a Gentle Ventures problem and no refund will be given. Please check your firewalls, Windows Media, use Mozilla Foxfire or Google Chrome – almost anything other than Internet Explorer. The only time Gentle Ventures may not be working properly is if GoDaddy is down. (this has happened once in 7 years)

We do not make refunds that allow you to keep the manual. The manual must be returned for any refund to occur.

You may also transfer your monies to any of the other classes i.e.: classes in person, one on one classes or any of the classes offered on line. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Full refunds will be given on any cancelled in-person class.
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Why must you do your research before taking any course?

We suggest you do a lot of research on classes before taking this or any class. Look at the website, the teacher, and the actual classes to make sure you are receiving quality material. Here are some things to watch out for:

People who claim they will certify you as Newborn Care Specialist after taking their course. It is illegal to offer a course and then to certify that person in the course they just took. You must go to an outside entity to be certified. That entity in the United States is the NCSA.

People who are offering 1-day classes. There is NO way you can learn all you must learn in one day. This would be a very basic class and people are offering them for $350 – $700. This is a very expensive way to learn how to diaper a baby as that is all they basically will have time to teach.

People who are selling a manual or book and telling you that you are qualified to do the work after reading their book. They charge between $250 and $350 for the manual. You need a TEACHER who instructs you in newborn care NOT someone who gives you a book to read.
Be sure the teacher is qualified and available for you when you have questions. Read the testimony page. If she does not have one or her testimonies are old…consider that.

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    Are these classes accredited?

    As of 2018 we are accredited by the IMPI (International Maternity and Parenting Institute)

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