From the time you sign up with Gentle Ventures, you will have unlimited support. Nancy’s view point is “I am here to serve.”  You may call, text or email Nancy with questions or support.  Nancy has received her notoriety for always being available for her students when they need her. Please check out the testimonials for verification.

Nancy’s course for aspiring Newborn Care Specialists (through her company Gentle Ventures) is full of information, and really helped me feel confident as I started working with parents of new babies. She is a no-nonsense, extremely experienced individual who surely gives her clients and students a strong sense of security as well as a great base of knowledge. She is also very willing to help her students develop their businesses, network, and succeed.   Rachel

Talk about getting my money’s worth! Your course truly covers this field from one end to the other, top to bottom, and still you seemed to be constantly updating it with the latest information!   Chauna

Gentle Venture’s is an extensive training course for people wanting to specialize in the care of newborns.  This is not a medical course, we deal with the evidence- based, practical aspects of newborn care, and parental guidance.

  • We will teach you how to assist parents in caring for new babies.
  • You will gain the confidence and professionalism to be able to work for high profile clientele as well as any one who needs help with their newborns.
  • You will have the skill to do round the clock service as well as day or night care.
  • You will have the knowledge to go out on a consultation or open a ‘call an NCS‘  center for information.
  • We will not only show you how to market yourself but can help with business cards, websites, or marketing material to get your business up and running.

We are also proud members of the NCSA the entity that will certify you as a Newborn Care Specialist or/and Sleep Trainer.

 Nancy Hamm acncs,acisc is an “Advanced Certified Newborn Care  Specialist, Advanced Certified Infant Sleep Consultant,”  is the  founder of Gentle Ventures and the NCSA.

  • The classes and manual were created and compiled by Ms. Hamm.
  • Gentle Ventures’ classes have been in the making for years, and they continue to be updated monthly.
  • Nancy personally teaches each of the classes and has been doing this for eleven years.
  • Nancy is the original creator of the NCSA the entity that certifies Newborn Care Specialists.  She now sits on the Board to assure the continued quality of the certification.
  • Nancy is dedicated to the ongoing education of the professional Newborn Care Specialist, Doula, Nanny, Midwife, RN, LPN, CNA, Mommy, Childcare worker, or anyone dedicated to or interested in newborn care.
  • Nancy teaches the Gentle Ventures classes on a one-on-one basis with small classes in her home, in a group class (with a guaranteed ten students, anywhere in the U.S. ), online classes and webinar classes

She will continue to raise the standard of the people responsible for the care of newborns.