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Would you like to host a class in your city? Are you an agency owner or are you just tired of waiting for an excellent training to come to your town? Gentle Ventures will come to you with 10 or more registered students.

Here at Gentle Ventures we offer Newborn Care Specialist Workshopseither a basic or a holistic basic in a 2 day, live classroom setting. Our courses are the most comprehensive courses available in this industry. We come to you fully prepared with our very extensive manual and a course plan to enable you to leave with a working knowledge of newborn care.  All you need is 10 or more guests, a venue, and we help you with the rest. We will provide you with a website page dedicated to your event for you to market with, handle all of the registrations, and advertise the event on our website and Facebook Pages. As a thank you, we will even cover your cost (or someone of your choosing) for the workshop. 

Agency Owners:  

1.  Did you know that by placing a trained Newborn Care Specialist or a Newborn Nanny you are lowing your liability?

2.  Clients demand child caregivers who are trained and experienced in newborn care. Sending out a Nanny with little or no training could lead to misinformation being presented to the clients or perhaps unintentional but harmful newborn care issues.

3.  Newborn Care Specialists are placed for only 1 - 12 weeks giving you a continuous income stream.  Being an agency owner you know that you receive only one fee for a yearlong position when you place a nanny, but a Newborn Care Specialist is placed every 1 – 12 weeks. Giving you more opportunities to raise that stream of revenue.

4.  Most agencies are now requiring anyone who works with newborns to be trained. Don’t’ be left out with untrained Nannies filling positions that experts should be filling.  

5.  We are accredited by the International Maternity and Parenting Institute and approved by certification through the NCSA. That gives us one of the highest ratings as a training institute.  

Prospective Newborn Care Specialist:

1.  You will be able to recoup the money you spend on the course in 3 nights/days of work. With one night of work, you will make an average of $25 per hour that is $200 a night. When you are evaluating your budget, you always have to make the financial cost appropriate with the reason you are taking the class. This course can be paid off with less than one week’s work.   

2.  You can come to class free when you organize a class in your city, and more than 10 students register.

3.  People learn in different ways. Some work better with hands-on training in an in- person setting, being able to network with like associates and being able to ask questions as they come up. Other’s work better when they can go at their own pace with the online class. You need to determine which is your best learning method. We provide both methods for your convenience. 

4.  We would love to come and teach in your town. Please feel free to give us a call or email us so we can begin the process to your exciting future.  

Once the workshop is complete all students will be given a certificate of completion and will be eligible to become certified by the NCSA and certified/accredited by the IMIP.* Certification requirements must be completed  We also will provide everyone with a lifetime of mentorship and access to our private Facebook Group and website community. 

Requirements: 10 or more registrants

Advertising: The host (you) will advertise on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you need to find other prospective NCS's. We will help by advertising on our website and our Facebook pages.   Agency owners you may want to require that your applicants take the course in order to be placed.  

Meeting Place:  You will set up a meeting place. Ideas: a clubhouse, a living room, an office conference room, birthing center room, or any adequate place to meet. *Unless you have over 20 people the meeting place must be free of charge.

Date: Set up a weekend date that is approved by Gentle Ventures. Our availability is Friday night from 5 pm – 9 pm, Saturday and Sunday 8 am  6 pm.  If you prefer weekday classes, we will try to accommodate them. 

Cost:  $549 includes the manual for the Basic or Holistic Newborn Care Specialist Course.  

Webpage: We will set up an exclusive webpage for signing up in your city.   

Free: This offer is good for agency owners and any person who would like to host a class. If there are 10 or more students (not including yourself) signed up, you or anyone you like may go to the class without charge. (manual not included)  

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