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Gentle Ventures has added five fabulous classes, all of general interest.  The Crunchy Mama's Guide to Pregnancy and Newborns has just been added. 

1.  A Crunchy Mama’s Guide to Pregnancy and Newborns is an extensive holistic pregnancy/labor/delivery/newborn course and would be considered continuing education for Newborn Care Specialist, Doula, Midwifes, Nannies or anyone working with pregnancy/birth or mama’s. This is not a Newborn Care Specialist Course.  $199 non student  $99 student  This class is taken in it's entirety.  Classes are separately priced in pay-as-you-go.  To purchase PDF only see below

  • Number of Classes: 7
  • Hours of Videos:  9 hours
  • Subjects covered:  Pregnancy, labor, delivery and basic newborn and lactation issues.
  • Modalities used:  Homeopathy, herbs, essential oils, acupressure/acupuncture, home remedies
  • Recipes included:  lotions, teas, smoothies, balms, teething, reflux, and more
  • Time to take the Class: Weekend to a year.
  • Based on: Scientific Research, Expert Opinion, and over 50 years of experience
  • PDF $35 available only with class.  PDF only $99
  • Certificate of Completion

1.  Our Vaccine class goes into the pro's and con's of whether or not we should vaccinate.  In this vital class we talk about the preservatives, what they are and how they affect us.  We watch a portion of a great movie to further describe scientific reasons to be so careful.  Our children are receiving 78 vaccines in the first six years of life.  

3.  The ABC's of Business is an incredible source of information if you are just setting up your business or thinking of setting one up.  There are so many things to contemplate such as picking a name, domain, type of business ( LLC, Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Partnership), marketing, deciding who is your client, taxes and much more.  We highly recommend this easy to follow class for anyone who is a new NCS or anyone who is setting up a business.

4.  The Sleep Deprivation class is my favorite.  This is such a huge subject for those of us who work nights. This class deals with what the effects of not enough sleep.  We know health issues is a biggy for us.  What we can do about it, precautions to take, and herbal remedies that help are all discussed.  Red lights and melatonin are explained along with their importance.

5.  Sleep Training and Sleep Conditioning is the subject of the last class.  This class is taught in completion in the Gentle Venture's Course.  You can spend hundred's of dollars on a class like this with half the information.  I tell you the in's and out's and step by step what to do.  And the other advantage is you can always call me and talk to me if you do not understand something.

 All of these classes are approved by the NCSA.  

Students always take these classes for 1/2 price.  And if you took the course you do not need to buy the Sleep Training course.  Contact me for any questions at [email protected]

Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education Classes

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$ 60.00

Vaccines are so controversial I hesitate to put this video up. This is a look at the pros and cons of whether vaccinations are safe. I have to begin with the clarifier that I am not against vaccines and would have no problem vaccinating my child if there were no preservatives in the vaccines. 


$ 75.00

This is a pearl of 2-hour wisdom packed, instructional video on starting your own business. We begin by picking your name, setting up your domain, picking your business entity (LLC, Corp, single proprietorship, etc., getting your EIN number, marketing, taxes, who is your client, and more. We


$ 50.00

A power-packed hour of how your job affects your life and health and how you can defeat sleep deprivation. What major illnesses are created by sleep deprivation, why is our job considered a carcinogenic, and what does that mean to you? We give you holistic means to combat sleep issues and easy


$ 125.00

This class is the basis of how we teach babies to sleep 12 hours by 12 weeks.  We break it down into two segments.  Sleep conditioning for newborns up to 12 weeks of age and sleep training after that.  Sleep conditioning is a very gentle method of teaching a newborn how to sleep.  This video


$ 35.00

Class #1  Holistic is defined along with each of the modalities we use including homeopathy, herbs, essential oils. home remedies and acupressure.  We also include Pediatric Chiropractic and Cranial Sacral professionals.

$ 35.00

Class #2  In class two we talk about pregnancy, labor, and birth and ways to go through this amazing process using only natural means

$ 35.00

Class #3 This class is dedicated to lactation and its issues such as sore nipples, plugged milk ducts, and mastitis.  There are so many natural ways to deal with these things without doing allopathic drugs.

$ 35.00

Class #4 Increasing milk supply and which foods lactating moms may have to be careful with.  Then we move to newborn care including bathing baby, candida infections,  circumcision care, colds,

$ 35.00

Class # 5 Newborn colic, constipation, diaper rash, diarrhea, ear infection,  eczema,  and clogged eye ducts are covered using all-natural remedies.

$ 35.00

Class #6  Reflux is a huge issue in today's world and there are natural ways to deal with this and we show you many ways to address this.   What do you do with sleepless nights and newborns, we talk about natural remedies to use to soothe babies, teething, and umbilical cord care. 


$ 35.00

Class #7  This entire class is dedicated to sleepless nights and sleep deprivation for night workers and new mommies. 

$ 199.00

The Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide course consists of 7 classes with over 9 hours. All these classes are online. We use scientific research, videos, and experience to make these classes unique.

Class #1 Holistic is defined along with each of the modalities we use including homeopathy, herbs,


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