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Yes, we are accredited through the International Maternity and Parenting Institute (IMPI) and approved by the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA) for certification

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Only one time in the history of Gentle Ventures has it been the platform's issue if you cannot view the videos.  It is always something to do with the configuration of your computer, a sign-in issue, or a browser issue, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google, MicroSoft Edge, all work however there is an Apple browser that causes some people problems.  

You can watch the videos on your phone, IPad, desktop, or laptop. 

If you are having issues signing in to your account, please be sure you are using the correct sign-in name and your password is correct.  If you have forgotten it email Ms. Hamm at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 602-412-8497 and she will be happy to help you. 

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