Nancy Hamm's Holistic Newborn Care Specialist course was worth the investment of my time and money! I've been in the childcare industry for over 20 years, however just in the last 7 years I've focused my career specifically on caring for newborns, infants, and toddlers. I've worked with well over 50 families with various needs, and with each new family comes new experiences and personal growth. I continue to grow and learn while encouraging and empowering new families along the way. It's especially rewarding to of found Nancy as a true pioneer in this field! I feel her course and life experiences has personally helped validate my approach. Moving forward, I feel more confident and grounded as a professional in this niche field. One of the most beneficial attributes to Nancy's course is having access to her. I'm looking forward to learning more from Nancy's expertise as I continue to grow in this field.

Kathryn Suzi Schwartz

I loved the Holistic NN Course, it was great to get the NCS training in addition to education on the later stages when working as a nanny. I have been a nanny for 8+ years, however infants are my favorite age. I am thankful for this information and for how helpful Nancy is along the way!


I took Nancy's class over the course of about 10 days. The amount of information and guidance she provides is invaluable. I knew for years that I wanted to transition from working as a Nanny into NCS and Doula work but it was difficult making that leap. After this course I gained so much knowledge and confidence in moving forward and I can't thank Nancy enough. She was also very quick to respond to any questions and technical issues I had which proved she genuinely cares about you getting the absolute most out of her class and is there when you need her. Thanks again, Nancy! I look forward to learning more from you in the future.

Sally O.

I took the NCS course and learned so much from Nancy! - I finished within a weekend! I have been working with children for (15+ years) and been a NCS for 3 years. Even with this experience I was still amazed by some of the information that I learned from Nancy's course. Highly recommended!! I completed the course in November 2019.

Kirsten McCormick Giarra

Highly recommended! Class and lodging as well! I had an amazing time! Nancy is just the best of the best! Would take her class over and over again. There is always something new to learn! I’ve taken it already twice! So glad I also stayed at her house last time. She is just marvelous


Thank you so much for spending the last three days with me and sharing all your wonderful baby knowledge with me! I am so glad I decided to make the trip and not just watch the videos. It was so valuable to be able to ask questions as they came up and to be assured that I understood the concept and the information around the topic we were discussing.


Nancy’s course for aspiring Newborn Care Specialists (through her company Gentle Ventures) is full of information, and really helped me feel confident as I started working with parents of new babies. She is a no-nonsense, extremely experienced individual who surely gives her clients and students a strong sense of security as well as a great base of knowledge. She is also very willing to help her students develop their businesses, network, and succeed.


I took your one on one class August 4-6 of 2015, and it was compelling! I understand how it could have easily gone into another day. I have raised 3 children to adulthood and been around countless babies throughout my 50 plus years, but the up to date information you constantly provided left me in awe. All the support, and confidence you showed in me was so personable, you truly have a gift. Talk about getting my money’s worth! Your course truly covers this field from one end to the other, top to bottom, and still you seemed to be constantly updating it with the latest information! I can’t wait to get started with my internship, and with all the tools and resources provided, I got this! Your amazing, keep inspiring, your so much more than a teacher/ICS! Blessings,


“I love the experience I got with Nancy’s course for aspiring Newborn Care Specialists ( Gentle Ventures). It is full of information, and really helped me feel confident that I could do a great job helping new parents with their Newborns. She is a no-nonsense, lovely, extremely experienced individual who gives her students a strong sense of security as well as a great base of knowledge. She is also very willing to help her students develop their businesses, network, and succeed. We shared some wonderful memories in her class as well as her hospitality in her home.”


Hi Nancy, I just finished watching the Online Sleeping Training Course. LOVED IT!!!I A learned so much! Thank you so much!! You are the Best and Funnyyy!!!? I had so much fun watching the video. Thank you again!!


I just wanted to give praise to someone in this group who has been so unselfish, and so brutally honest with me, someone who over the last 8 yrs has answered every email, every phone call or text, has been a wealth of knowledge and never passes judgement on anyone. She is fair and respectful, doesn’t play games and wont put up with drama. She guides her students not out of obligation but because she wants to see them succeed. She has made me laugh and made me cry but most importantly she has made me realize who I am in this profession. That person is Nancy! Thank you for all you do and for believing in me. I look forward to working with you as we rock out the classes. Cannot wait to learn more!

Katie Morin

Hi Nancy, Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your class. The information about the DHA, mineral oil and other chemicals in topicals were very interesting and new to me. In addition, I loved how evidence based your information was about swaddling. I found it very useful! Thank you again! I am recommending another person to take your course. She should be taking it within the next few months once she finishes her other certification. She is also a Registered Nurse.

Vanessa RN

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