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We are a small company that specializes in personalized service. Ms. Hamm not only personally mentors all her students for a lifetime, but she will advocate for you when needed.  No assistant will ever answer the phone when you call.  We provide you with our direct line for better service.

We are approved by the NCSA for certification and accredited by the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. 

Gentle Ventures has been in business longer than any other online class with over 14 years of flawless reviews. We have the most extensive training program in the NCS community, including more information in their Basic class than any other.  We pride ourselves on having the latest scientific, up to date information. We sprinkle that with common sense, lots of experience, and a little humor to make our classes more enjoyable.

Our four classes are: ( Remember the Holistic courses have ALL the information in them that the Basic course has).

1.  Basic Newborn Care Specialist Course

2.  Basic Newborn Nanny Course

3.  Holistic Newborn Care Specialist Course

4.  Holistic Newborn Nanny Course

Gentle Venture’s Training Center was born in 2006 when Nancy Hamm realized the vast need for training. The goal of the company was to educate newborn care workers in newborn care and to expand the standard of care to include all aspects of care. The classes are updated with each manual reprint to reflect this goal. 

The dedication of Ms. Hamm is well known throughout the industry. She truly cares about her students, encouraging, supporting, and mentoring them without an extra fee, for a lifetime.  

Ms. Hamm is an advanced certified NCS, Certified by the NCSA and has many continuing education certificates. Among them being:

  • Happiest Baby on the Block Certificate
  • Lactation Management Support
  • Bereavement Counseling
  • Postpartum (how to detect)
  • Natural Breastfeeding

Gentle Ventures is so honored to be able to present not only the Newborn Care Specialist Holistic class but also the only Holistic Newborn Nanny course and have continuing education classes . The Newborn Nanny course (Holistic and Basic) is impressive for people who would like to work with newborns through the eighteen-month range.  

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