NCS Class Description

This is a complete course, beginning with fundamental concepts and progressing to advanced care.

  • Ages Covered: 0-12 weeks
  • Number of Classes: 12
  • Hours of Videos: 28 plus
  • Time to take the Class: Weekend to a year.
  • Based on: Scientific Research, Expert Opinion, and over 28 years of hands-on experience
  • Mentorship: Available free for all students for a lifetime
  • Discounts: Continuing Education, Workshop, and Contract, Discounts for Students
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Agencies available for placement

The course also includes a complete Sleep Conditioning/Training course, Multiples and Preemie Care, and Formula Composition. We also cover Prenatal and Baby Development, along with Failure to Thrive, the Death of a Child, RAD, the Mind of a Child, Communication, why it is important to Go Green with a child, Resume Building, how to Apply at an Agency, Marketing, and much more.  We also include the ABC's of Starting your own business and a separate video on doing consultations. 

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to start your career or business as a Newborn Care Specialist.  Gentle Venture's is offering the names of agencies who are willing to place interns and experienced specialists.

Check out our Course Curriculum below by clicking on the title of each course on the right.

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The NCS course consists of:

Basic and advanced techniques for Newborn Care 0 - 12 weeks


Newborn Care Specialist-Full Course

Newborn Care Specialist

  • Teacher: Nancy Hamm
  • Released: 05/22/2018
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: $ 497.00

Finish all lessons and pass final exam

Table of Contents

Class 2 Swaddling
Class 4 Multiples and Poop & Scheduling
Class 5 Formulas
Class 7 Reflux and Colic
Class 8 Warning Signs
Class 9 Ailment & Safety
Class 10 Death of an Infant, Failure to Thrive and A Baby’s Mind


The NCS course consists of 12 classes with over 28 hours. All these classes are online. We use scientific research, videos and experience to make these classes unique.

This course in Newborn Care covers 0 – 12 weeks of age, consequently, this class is for anyone wanting to be more proactive in the newborn field. We teach RN, LPN, Nanny, NCS, Doula, or anyone in the child care arena.

We begin with fundamental concepts, progressing to advanced care.

Advanced subjects included , many covered only in advanced classes, including a complete sleep conditioning/training course, multiply and preemie care, and formula composition. Prenatal and baby development covered, along wide th failure to thrive, the death of a child, RAD, the mind of a child, communication, why it is important to go green with a child, resume building, how to apply at an agency, marketing, and much more.

We mentor all our students from the time they take the course until they no longer need us.

You have one year to complete the course, and after that, there will be an additional charge to open the class. You must successfully complete a test and homework to receive a completion certificate. If you have any test taking phobias, please let us know. We can do an oral test or give you more time on the test. You may also receive a second chance to take the test.

The on-line video classes is taken at your own pace.

You may start it whenever you have time, you may finish it in a weekend or you may take up to a year to finish the classes. Should you go over a year there will be a charge for reactivation of the classes.


Plan Name Price
Course with Manual: $ 577.00
Course without Manual: $ 497.00


Nancy Hamm

Founder of Gentle Venture’s Training Center

Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist and Certified Advanced Infant Sleep Consultant

Nancy Hamm, CNCS, ISC is the Founder of Gentle Venture’s Training Classes. She has been a Newborn Care Specialist and Infant Sleep Consultant for 24 years and has over 40,000 hours of hands-on experience with babies. She has worked with twins, triplets, quads, sextuplets, preemies and generally the most precious children she could imagine.

Nancy also owns Exclusively Baby Nurses, Exclusively Newborns and Gentle Venture’s Training Center.

Nancy has taken college courses on Child Physiology and Child Development, has taken an extensive breastfeeding course through the La Leche League and is a Breastfeeding Educator through Lactation Management Skills. is a certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator and has taken numerous sleep training courses.

Nancy founded the NCSA (Newborn Care Specialist Association) after it became clear there were no guidelines set for the certification of Newborn Care Specialists. She is a visionary in the field of newborn care, and through extensive research has become an expert on infant care.

Ms. Hamm says, “When all is said and done, my first love and my greatest passion is the caring and nurturing of newborn babies.”

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
Class 1 What it means to be a Newborn Care Specialist 05/22/2018
Newborn Care Specialist 05/22/2018
Newborn Nanny 05/22/2018
Class 2 Swaddling 05/22/2018
Class 3 Sleep Conditioning and Training 05/22/2018
Class 4 Multiples and Poop & Scheduling 06/22/2018
Class 5 Formulas 06/22/2018
Class 6 Breastfeeding 06/22/2018
Class 7 Reflux and Colic 06/22/2018
Class 8 Warning Signs and Chemicals in Baby’s World 06/22/2018
Class 9 Ailment & Safety 06/22/2018
Class 10 Baby Blues to Postpartum Psychosis 06/22/2018
Class 11Holistic Death of an Infant, Failure to Thrive and A Baby’s Mind 06/22/2018
NCS Ethics and Final Exam 06/22/2018
Newborn Nanny Ethics and Exam 06/22/2018
Class 12 3 to 6 months (NN) 07/24/2018
Class 13 7 to 9 months (NN) 07/24/2018
Class 14 10 to 18 Months (NN) 07/24/2018
Class 15 Every Day Issues (NN) 07/24/2018
The Holistic Newborn 02/12/2019
Holistic Newborn Nanny 04/30/2019
Class 1 Intro to Holistic Newborn 06/01/2020
Class 2: Holistic Why Babies Cry And Swaddling Explained 06/01/2020
Class 3: Holistic Sleep Conditioning And Training 06/01/2020
Class 4: Holistic Multiples, Pooping, & Scheduling 06/01/2020
Class 5: Holistic Formulas 06/01/2020
Class 6: Holistic Breastfeeding Advantages & Issues 06/01/2020
Class 7: Holistic Reflux & Colic 06/01/2020
Class 8 Holistic Warning Signs in a Newborn & Ailments 06/01/2020
Class 9 Holistic Postpartum and Baby Blues 06/01/2020
Class 10 Holistic Newborn Safety & Chemicals 06/01/2020
Class 11 Holistic R.A.D., Failure to Thrive, A Baby's Mind, The Death of an Infant 06/01/2020
Class 12: Holistic 4-10 months 06/01/2020
Class 13: Holistic 10-18 months 06/01/2020
Class 14 Holistic The Professional NCS and final exam 06/01/2020
Class A Vaccines 08/28/2020
Class B ABC's of Business 08/28/2020
Class C Sleep Deprivation For The NCS 08/28/2020
Class D Sleep Training and Conditioning 09/08/2020
Students: Class A Vaccines 08/28/2020
Students: Class B ABC's of Business 08/28/2020
Students: Class C Sleep Deprivation For The NCS 08/28/2020
Students: Class D Sleep Training and Conditioning 09/08/2020
Quiz Status
Class 2 Swaddling
Class 4 Multiples and Poop & Scheduling
Class 5 Formulas
Class 7 Reflux and Colic
Class 8 Warning Signs
Class 9 Ailment & Safety
Class 10 Death of an Infant, Failure to Thrive and A Baby’s Mind

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